• Archeologia obszarów leśnych Białowieża, 19-21 kwietnia 2018 r.

    Thursday, April 19, 2018, 8:30 AM - Saturday, April 21, 2018, 7:59 PM
    GPS 52°49'22"N 23°43'55"E

    We invite you to participate in an international, multi-disciplinary conference, to be held in Białowieża from 19 to 21 April 2018.

    New research areas and methodologies provide new archaeological challenges. The development of multi-disciplinary archaeological studies of human-environment relations, and the widespread use of LIDAR and other non-invasive techniques for discovering and recognizing archaeological sites, has resulted in increasing archaeological investigation of the role of woodland complexes in the history of human culture, as well as the long-term temporal and spatial dynamics of the forested areas themselves.
    This conference will focus on the study of human-environment relations, with particular emphasis on the degree of anthropogenic impact on natural plant communities, and archaeological research conducted within areas of woodland. This type of research is inseparable from the need to collaborate with forestry services and the staff of national and landscape parks in the protection and care of archaeological heritage located in commercial and protected natural forests. Effective protection and care of archaeological heritage requires an understanding of the social depositories of this heritage, with access to the results of archaeological research as well as the monuments themselves. Proper dissemination of archaeological knowledge is an important social role for modern archaeology, and within the context of woodlands it has been neglected in some regions and underdeveloped in others. This conference will bring together specialists from archaeology, environmental archaeology, landscape archaeology and forestry departments engaging with cultural landscapes.

    Key topics:

    • Multidisciplinary archaeological methodologies for approaching human-woodland relations in the past (from prehistory to the present).
    • Archaeological research conducted within areas of woodland.
    • The integrated protection of natural and cultural heritage in woodlands, including national parks, geoparks and nature reserves, and the responsibilities of archaeologists conducting research in such areas.
    • The social dimensions of woodland archaeology.

    In addition to the papers and poster sessions, the conference will include discussion panels dedicated to:

    • Methodologies for woodland research.
    • Integrated protection of natural and cultural heritage in woodland areas and the responsibilities of archaeologists.
    • The social dimensions of woodland archaeology.

    The conclusions formulated during the discussions will become an important part of the post-conference publications and will serve as a benchmark for developing the methodology of archaeological research in woodland areas, as well as contributing to archaeological heritage legislation and related policy making.

    Proposals for topics and abstracts of papers and posters should be sent to: archeologia.obszarow.lesnych@gmail.com by 15 December 2017.

    Pre-registration form and abstract in Word format should not exceed 200 words. Please include in the abstract the full title of the presentation, the first name(s) and author(s), along with the degree or scientific title, affiliation, and full mailing and email addresses.

    There is no conference fee. Details of the program and the organization of the conference will be communicated in the autumn.

    Official language of the conference: English and Polish.

    Organising committee:
    Prof. zw. dr hab. Małgorzata Latałowa (UG)
    Dr Aleksander Pluskowski (University of Reading)
    Dr hab. Tomasz Kalicki, prof. UJK (SAS)
    Dr hab. Mirosław J. Hoffmann (SNAP Oddział w Olsztynie)
    Dr hab. Maciej Karczewski (UwB)
    Mgr Alina Jaszewska (Zarząd Główny SNAP)